Kochański & Partners – special sponsor of GC Summit Central & Eastern Europe Legal500

This year GC Summit – Central & Eastern Europe will take place on 23th May 2019 (2pm) in Sofitel Victoria Warsaw.

GC Summit – Central & Eastern Europe invites the most esteemed in-house counsel from the CEE’s most prolific companies to discuss their changing roles as in-house leaders and the challenges, issues and opportunities they are facing in 2019 and beyond. Between comprehensive panel discussions and the opportunity to meet and engage with fellow in-house counsel, GC Summit – Central & Eastern Europe promises to be a practical, forward-looking event bringing together the region’s top legal minds.

Kochański & Partners is a special sponsor of this event. Our panelist – Gabriel Olearnik, LL.M. – Partner, Head of Private Equity and Cross Border will discuss the topic: ‘Lawyer 2.0 how technology is influencing the future of the legal profession’.

The seminal topic of technological developments and their relevance to the law will be discussed with particular attention paid to the effects of automation, implications on workload and how to “future proof” lawyers and their roles. It will be discussed what legal technology means in terms of “low level” and “high level” legal work, and how the career development and training of lawyers may be forced to change. The design and development of new systems, as well as how lawyers use them, will be looked at also – in particular the need to avoid biased outputs and to ensure the right level of IT-savviness is achieved by legal professionals. Legal technology’s impact on how the desirable characteristics of lawyers might change will also be discussed, as will the dangers inherent in the potential shift to outsourcing or delegating of low level work.

Agenda: https://www.legal500.com/assets/pages/events/events_forms/events_contact_central_eastern_europe_summit_2019.html

Registration: https://l500.wufoo.com/forms/zh595ez1hxs9yh/

Meet us at GC Summit Central & Eastern Europe on 23th May 2019 (2pm) in Sofitel Victoria Warsaw!