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Completing projects in Ukraine during the first year of the war – case studies


The first whole year of the new reality in Ukraine is behind us. A year ago, in the morning of 24th of February everyone woke up with a fear that normal life may be over for good, with only uncertainty and danger ahead. Since then many innocent people have died, and their homes and infrastructure have also been destroyed. But with small steps taken every day, Ukrainian business has gradually achieved big results. 80% of companies have to a certain extent returned to operations and look confidently into the future. Many individuals have started new companies and business activities, and a number of companies have reallocated from east to a safer west. The topic of reconstruction of Ukraine is mobilising thousands of businesses worldwide. And victory will come for sure!

We have supported Ukraine from the first days of the war, and will continue doing so until the moment, and during its reconstruction. The war has brought many challenges but victory will bring many opportunities.

Case studies of successful projects in war-time Ukraine. Join us for a panel discussion where we will talk about real business case studies.

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