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The Right Focus | After all the recent summaries, it is finally time for a new beginning. Quite a few changes await us in the area of tax, for example regarding CIT and PIT, so Jakub Dittmer will explain for us a little about the most important ones.

Tomasz Szambelan, on the other hand, looks at the statistics of NFT-related trademark applications, and has no doubt that what was just a trickle of applications not long ago will turn into a real flood in no time. And he stresses that it’s a good idea to think about securing your brand as early as possible.

It’s also the best moment to prepare for the energy passport regulations that are coming into force as Malwina Jagiełło and Weronika Duda remind us. The authors expect that the new law  will contribute to significant savings in energy consumption, as well as savings for consumers themselves. Will this be the case? We’ll have to see.

Meanwhile, it is not so much savings as capital that Polish companies may need as they are forced into growth, believes Paweł Mardas. And this could be realised for example via a dual listing on the London Stock Exchange.

However, in order for such project to be successful, companies should have experienced advisors on their side who understand their business very well. Such as Karol Połosak, who reminds us that adopting a resolution with respect to a matter not placed on the agenda may result in it being considered non-existent.

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A wave of NFT-related trademark applications

We have followed the trend in trademark applications for NFT-related protection and the conclusions are clear: what started as a trickle has become a flood, with tycoons from virtually every industry jumping on the bandwagon.

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Non-existent company resolutions

In order to protect shareholders against defective resolutions being used in transactions, the Commercial Companies Code provides, in principle, for a closed list of legal instruments.

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