With the interdisciplinary cooperation of our lawyers and our expertise in the multimedia services sector, we can provide the best possible and business-focused legal solutions to radio and television broadcasters and operators of digital platforms and cable networks.

We provide the following services:

  • A full range of legal services to both radio and TV broadcasters as well as digital platforms and cable operators regarding media law
  • Drawing up and negotiation of contracts for film and TV production
  • Representation of radio and television broadcasters, in particular representation of broadcasters in their relations with KRRiT (the National Radio and Television Council) and UKE (the Office of Electronic Communication)- drawing up of motions and documents as well as participation in license granting legal proceedings and applications for permits and licenses
  • Representation of broadcasters in their relations with collective management companies, copyright issues, determination of working rules and negotiation of general contracts
  • Legal advice on radio and TV commercials as well as sponsoring.
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