The third edition of the GAAB Collectors Summit was held at the Museum of Modern Art, Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, on 6 June 2019. The title of this year’s conference was: “Patrons and Philanthropists: Art for the Future“.

Each year, the event attracts crowds of Asian art collectors from around the world. The visitors meet to discuss challenges faced by artists, art connoisseurs and patrons, as well as the adapting of the art world to the evolving reality, including by means of new technologies.

One of the panels was moderated by Piotr Kochański. The theme of the panel discussion was: “Art: Ecosystem of Economy and Philanthropy”. In addition, on behalf of Fundacja Rodziny Kochańskich – Edukacja Sztuka Wolność, Piotr awarded Anahita Razmi – a German-born Iranian artist using photographs of slogan t-shirts to take her audience on a journey through concepts and metaphors.