Angelika Stańko

Attorney at Law / Senior Associate / Labour Law

Angelika Stańko
+48 22 326 3400

Angelika begun to work in the legal profession as early as in her third year of studies, by doing internships in law firms in Krakow and by working in a legal clinic as coordinator of the labour law unit. Before joining Kochański & Partners, she worked in a Krakow law firm, dealing with labour, civil, real estate, bankruptcy and excise law, and civil procedure matters. Angelika provided ongoing advice on individual labour law, assisted in advising on the employment of personnel, the takeover of enterprises by a new employer and termination of employment. She also contributed to the preparation of internal employment regulations and represented parties to employment relationships before labour courts. Angelika also drafted civil law contracts, assisted in the development of litigation tactics, drafted pleadings and represented clients before common courts. She was also involved in providing legal advice concerning e-commerce.

Languages: Polish, English

Education: Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University, Faculty of Law (Master of Law, 2018)