Filip Jeżewski

Attorney at law, Senior Associate

Filip Jeżewski
+48 22 326 9600

Before joining Kochański & Partners, Filip worked with Baker McKenzie, initially as a trainee attorney at law and then as an attorney at law in the finance and litigation department, where he focused primarily on providing ongoing assistance to banks in the so-called Swiss franc loans cases.

His main areas of practice comprise civil, corporate and criminal law. In his professional work to date, Filip Jeżewski has primarily been engaged in providing day-to-day legal assistance to businesses, and representing corporate and individual clients in litigation at every stage of the proceedings. He has also cooperated with the IP team in criminal cases involving trademark infringement, and has taken part in due diligence investigations of business entities.

Languages: English, Russian.

Education: Filip graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Lodz, and he is an attorney at law from 2020.

Baker McKenzie Krzyżowski i Wspólnicy sp. k.: - providing ongoing legal assistance to banks (co-managing a project regarding consumer claims on foreign currency-linked agreements) – total number of cases: approx. 4,000, - developing a strategy for a banking client in a dispute with the Financial Ombudsman concerning acts of unfair competition, developing model solutions for a portfolio of approx. 4,000 loan cases. - involvement in developing strategies for banks for the purposes of statements of claim against former clients based on invalidated loan agreements