Webinar: “Reconstruction of Ukraine, current and future business prospects for Polish companies”

Date: 19 December 2022

Time: 13:00

Place: Online event

Jacek Kozikowski, Partner and Head of Infrastructure, Jakub Krysa, Partner and Head of Public Procurement, and Markiyan Malskyy, Partner and Head of the Ukrainian Desk, will lead the “Reconstruction of Ukraine, current and future business prospects for Polish companies” webinar.

The event, which will take place on 19 December 2022, is organised by the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone “INVEST-PARK”.

The reconstruction of Ukraine will be one of the biggest financial challenges for Europe, and an opportunity for international business cooperation. The cost of reconstruction is estimated at up to USD 800 billion. The necessary work will focus on infrastructure, construction, services and supplies. And this is an opportunity for Polish companies.

During the webinar, our experts will present the main directions for Ukraine’s reconstruction and related investment opportunities. They will also discuss the conditions for public procurement in Ukraine and suggest how to obtain information on calls for international tenders, other current projects and investment opportunities.


  • Financing modalities and directions for the reconstruction of Ukraine
  • Investment areas
  • Public procurement
  • Procurement modes and structure
  • Calls for tenders
  • Overview of current projects and investment opportunities
  • International public procurement
  • Bid preparation, and the most common mistakes made by bidders
  • Barriers to bidding
  • Tendering rules