WE work together to find ambitious law students

Businesses today have no time to waste. This is why they need lawyers who speak a concrete and accessible language, understand their problems and find effective solutions. Above all, they see a company as a single organism operating in a challenging environment. And they fully understand their role as advisors. We are actively looking for candidates for such lawyers. And we are committed to investing in their development and training the best and brightest. And in connection with this, we are launching a completely new training and mentoring programme for law students.

Kochański & Partners Master Academy

“Kochański & Partners Master Academy” is a comprehensive project designed to help young law students mature in their career choices, develop self-awareness and improve their leadership and teamwork skills.

“Kochański & Partners Master Academy” is a series of workshops, meetings, training sessions, lectures and webinars where students have the opportunity to learn about our Firm’s practice areas and projects, observe how we work and solve specific problems, and gain an insight into how the Firm operates in the competitive and demanding market of corporate client services.

We need people who are unconventional, ambitious and curious about the world. People who dare to challenge the status quo, who are bold in their search for answers and who want to learn from the best. That means partners, practice heads and those who lead interdisciplinary teams of specialists in different areas of law. We demand a lot, but we also have a lot to offer,” promises Piotr Kochański, Managing Partner.

Why join our programme

  • We operate with openness, respect, proactivity and innovation, so the relationships you have the chance to build will support you and facilitate your growth
  • Participation in workshops, meetings and lectures given by experts in various fields of law, such as new technologies, infrastructure, real estate, energy sector, taxation, labour and company law, will allow you to get to know the specificities of many industries and specialisations and to consciously choose the areas in which you wish to develop under the wings of our mentors.

And for the best:

  • Opportunities to work in multidisciplinary teams and deliver international projects

Kochański & Partners Master Academy – main objectives of the programme

  • Designed for law students and attorney-at-law and advocate trainees
  • Focusing on the development of specialist knowledge and practical, professional competence in a chosen field
  • Supporting informed career planning and business effectiveness
  • Workshops, webinars, training sessions, lectures, networking sessions and online meetings in our Warsaw and Krakow offices and at selected higher education institutions
  • A meeting with our Managing Partner and CEO & CFO

“The sky’s the limit” – what awaits the best and brightest

Today, the Firm employs 17 law students and 17 attorneys-at-law and advocate trainees working as regular team members on the projects we undertake. We celebrate the successes of our colleagues and promote them both internally and externally within the organisation.

Wiktoria Tracichleb from the Tax Practice (co)authored three chapters of the first comprehensive report on the taxation of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and the Metaverse on the Polish market. Bartosz Brzyski wrote one of the highest scoring Master’s theses in English, which he defended with distinction. Our students and trainees are also frequent authors of articles published in the monthly client newsletter – “The Right Focus”.

Kochański & Partners Master Academy– calendar of upcoming events

We start on 16 March at Jagiellonian University with “Contracts in IT – Theory and Practice”. This is a two-day event consisting of a lecture (16.03) and a practical workshop (17.03) led by our experts in new technology law: Łukasz Węgrzyn, Partner and Head of Technology, and his colleagues from the practice – Szymon Ciach, Piotr Kaniewski and Krzysztof Kowacz.

The workshop will conclude with a competition to win an internship at the Technology Practice for two people. All participants will also receive a certificate of participation in the workshop.

The event is partnered by the scientific circles of Jagiellonian University – the Jagiellonian University Civil Law Scientific Circle and the CyberLaw Scientific Circle.

Also on 16 March, this time in our Warsaw office, there will be a Real Estate Law Academy meeting during which Malwina Jagiełło and Dominik Gryś will present the peculiarities and limitations of real estate transactions to students of the University of Warsaw. The event is co-organised by the Jagiellonian University Real Estate Law Academic Circle.

In April, we begin a new series of meetings with Piotr Kochański, Managing Partner and founder of the Firm, during which Piotr will share his experience in building and managing one of the largest law firms in Poland. He will talk about how he set up the first American law firm offices in Warsaw in the 1990s, his business vision and the future of the legal market.

Want to know more? Meet Daria Matyja and Martyna Borkowska, our programme coordinators.