Tom Hashimo heads our Japan Desk

Like any Japanese, Tom Hashimoto is committed to close relationships. And he admits that he joined our team mainly because he was attracted by the  vision and charisma of Piotr Kochański. But like any European, he also has a contrarian streak that makes him question the status quo, look for unobvious solutions and discover new potential. Tom Hashimoto is a citizen of the world. And the new head  of our Japan Desk.


How to combine science and business in a smart way

Tom Hashimoto is an Associate Professor in International and Regional Economics at Vilnius University, holds a DPhil from Oxford University and a law degree from the University of Hamburg, and  an MSc from the London School of Economics. He teaches at the Vistula University. He is a specialist in financial geography and a keen observer of economic phenomena. His professional interests include financial market integration, especially in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltics, developing ESG strategies , and FinTech.

Tom explores the intersection of economics, finance, law, geography and social development. Like any researcher, he is patient, persistent, curious about the results of his work and willing to explore new areas.

This makes him an effective and efficient advisor to companies on international expansion, ESG and technology in finance.

Tom lives in Warsaw because, as he says, it is the vibrant centre of the international securities market and the gateway to the potential of the whole of Europe. He also lives in Vilnius, which is much quieter yet diverse, full of contrasts and has something to offer everyone.

Poland is the gateway to Europe for the Japanese

Tom knows he has a challenging task ahead of him. But he is cautiously optimistic, noting that he believes Poles and Japanese share a similar harmony and common values. And without hesitation he points to the love of classical music, which requires attentiveness, dedication and, above all, consistent daily practice. This is the only way to achieve mastery.

The same goes for business, which in Japan is all about building and maintaining relationships. And that takes time, patience and attention. But Tom has much more to offer. He knows how to reach out to Asian companies and make them want to conquer Europe.

In my view, what Japanese companies need today is not so much a lawyer as a strategic partner and a vigilant advisor. Someone with eyes wide open and ears to the ground, who is able to identify and initiate opportunities and circumstances, to match capital with needs and science with business. And, above all, someone who understands that this is not a sprint, but a marathon, for which you need to spread your resources wisely, says Tom.

Indeed, Japanese companies will not be a game changer for business, mainly because of their scale and specificity. Their potential lies elsewhere, as Piotr Kochański is well aware.

In business, you have to be bold to break new ground

Tom Hashimoto is the new  head of our Japan Desk, says our Managing Partner.

And I am aware of his enormous abilities, above all his intellectual, organisational and business skills. I recognise that the task before him is not an easy one, and I know that this mission will require patience and persistence, and that  involves certain risks. But I have learnt  that in business, those who are afraid to make decisions, who only walk the beaten track and look to others for direction, never win. We do things differently. We hire the best, trust their vision and unleash potential by boldly building new bridges and advantages,” adds Piotr Kochański with conviction.

Japan is already an important global partner for Polish business. But what makes this destination particularly promising and attractive is its technological and innovative potential and its successful turn towards green transition and advanced energy projects. And these are the areas in which we, as a law firm, have been building our competitive advantage from the very beginning.

Poland and Europe, on the other hand, are reaching a point where they will have to answer a number of key questions, such as the shape of the EU economy, the extent of social responsibility of states and business, the directions of future development, and the role and significance of artificial intelligence.

European companies will certainly want to benefit from Asian experience and know-how, while Japanese business will want to increase their involvement and establish an even stronger presence in Western European markets. Poland, by virtue of its geographical location, will act as a portal for these bilateral relationships.

This is therefore the perfect time to showcase our unique capabilities. We are one of the few European law firms to operate at the interface between legal and business advice. We know how to identify opportunities, turn them into reality and effectively raise finance. We unlock and combine potential to create lasting value for markets and investors,” says Piotr Kochański.

And Tom Hashimoto and his Japan Desk will be an important part of this process.

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