How to buy cloud services

An effective, sustainable, systemic and cost-optimised digital transformation is the dream of every company or organisation manager. However, though managers know their job, they often still find it challenging and highly complex to participate in IT tenders and purchase cloud services. Thus, they need tried-and-tested recommendations, practical hints and the most up-to-date guidelines to help them manage the entire process efficiently and comprehensively.

And this is why we are partnering the Dialog IT programme, where our new technology specialists, Szymon Ciach and Łukasz Węgrzyn, have contributed to the latest recommendations in the area of cloud purchasing in IT.

Best market practices for smart IT tenders

Dialog IT is a unique programme implemented by PSML – Polish Supply Management Leaders. The objective of the project is to develop good practices in smart IT tenders and support the digital transformation of organisations.

Dialog IT is a space for productive exchange of knowledge between IT business partners, procurement departments and vendors, and IT law firms and analyst companies.

This project demonstrates how to implement digital transformation wisely, making full use of the potential of available technological solutions. It is divided into 6 modules, covering:

  • Cloud
  • Body Leasing
  • Hardware
  • IT Services
  • Software
  • New Technologies

During Dialog IT workshops, participants identify the challenges faced in tendering for each module and develop content on these issues. The final outcome is a publication of recommendations.

Public cloud – first recommendations now available

Following completion of the Cloud module workshop, the first recommendations for the public cloud are already published.

The experts emphasise that the process of buying cloud-based solutions differs in many ways from that of purchasing traditional technologies.

Thus, the publication offers practical tips for smart cloud buying, divided into four steps:

  • Defining needs and objectives
  • Request for information (RFI)
  • Purchasing process (RFP)
  • Closing and signing the agreement.

The recommendations also include a definition of cloud computing and descriptions of the various types of cloud services.

The specialists who prepared the recommendations will conduct a series of training courses targeted at IT tender process participants and covering technology, legal and market aspects of the purchase of Cloud solutions.

Check out the Dialog IT Public Cloud Recommendations

And the entire Akademia Dialog IT programme

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