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Emergency Response Team appointed to support management board members in the face of restructuring proceedings and related liability

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the economy worldwide, making it necessary for entrepreneurs to be prepared for every possible scenario, including consideration of all available options and necessary preventive steps to protect their business.

It is essential for company owners and officers to take appropriate action in a timely manner, as any delay in this respect may have a number of severe consequences.

Failure to request legal restructuring protection or institute arrangement proceedings in due time may result in management and supervisory board members being liable with their own assets, exposed to criminal liability, and disqualified from engaging in business activity or performing specific functions.

To assist with this, Kochański & Partners have assembled an Emergency Response Team of experts specifically set up to support entrepreneurs in these appropriate steps, protecting their business and management board members against the effects of oversights in initiating restructuring proceedings.

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Attorney at Law, Senior Partner, Head of Corporate Law Practice and Transaction Practice
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Karol Połosak
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