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Electricity prices set to rise this year – Wojciech Wrochna in Polsat News on electricity prices

From January 2021, the price of electricity for individual consumers will rise by around PLN 9 per month. However, the energy produced and delivered to the consumer constitutes approximately half of this bill. The additional cost increase is due to the introduction of items such as, i.a., a capacity fee, which is to ensure energy security, i.e. constant and smooth electricity supply to both households and businesses.

Other items to be added to the price of electricity include a quality fee, an RES fee (subsidising the construction of renewable energy sources) and a co-generation fee. This long list is simply the beginning, with electricity prices predicted to consistently rise in the coming years.

There are also positives, though. In addition to the security of supply already mentioned, the higher charge will mean that we can breathe cleaner air, as the increase in electricity prices is also an effect of energy transformation coming from the European Union and Member States’ climate policy, involving, above all, reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the climate.

Higher electricity bills can also make us more energy conscious in our everyday lives. In the coming years, the way we use energy will change from energy as a commodity to energy as a service. This means that we will pay for being able to use a certain number of kilowatt hours at a certain price, and smart metering will help us make independent and informed decisions about our energy use.

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