Fundacja Centaurus

Mr. Piotr Kochański has made a noble gesture and adopted Gaja, a female donkey and her yetunborn offspring through the Centaurus Foundation, which has rescued the lives of horses, donkeys, dogs and cats for many years. Gaja has spent the majority of her life in terrible conditions. Of late, her supposed destiny was to be […]

Our support to Ukraine

We express our deep support for Ukraine, and have and will continue to support Kiev’s hospitals with financial donations. Please take a look at the attached manifesto from our colleagues at Arzinger, a Ukrainian law firm – who have dispelled Russian propaganda myths promoted by the Russian media. Przeczytaj manifest

Society of Bielsko-Biała and Podbeskidzie Friends

Piotr Kochański (born in Bielsko-Biała) is a co-founder, sponsor and activist in the Society of Bielsko-Biala and Podbeskidzie Friends. The Society brings together people from Bielsko Biała who are spread around the world, and its main purpose is to promote the city and the region.

Residents of villages located on the territory of the Kampinoski National Park

Lawyers from Kochański, Zięba Rapala & Partners law firm acted as the attorneys of residents of the surrounding villages on the area of the Kampinoski National Park. They drew up letters to the local authorities regarding the destruction of nature in the park by trucks. Signs prohibiting entry for trucks and lorries set at the […]

Fakt Foundation “We help on time”

Kochański & Partners advises the Fakt Foundation which helps individuals and non-governmental organizations in crisis situations. The advice covers inter alia obtaining permits for public collections, changes in the statute of the Foundation and advice on the ongoing activity of the Foundation. www.fundacjafaktu.pl

Kohana Gallery and the Foundation for the Fine Arts Kochański Knut

The Foundation for the Fine Arts Kochański Knut has been in operation since February 2014. It was founded by Piotr Kochański and Tycjan Knut in order to develop the achievements of avant-garde artists that produced pieces during the 60s, 70s and 80s. The current enthusiasm for such art draws a great deal of interest from […]

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