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Beyond.pl and Kochanski & Partners join forces

Beyond.pl, the provider of the most secure data center services in Europe, is joining forces with the law firm Kochanski & Partners. Their partnership offers customers further confidence that colocation and cloud implementation projects will be technologically superior and compliant with legal requirements. The cooperation is international in scope.

The companies’ alliance is a response to increasing market demand, especially relating to accelerated digitalization and evolution of the surrounding legal environment. The market expects IT providers to be able to guide companies through the route to the optimal technology stack but also to safely navigate the labyrinth of ever more complex legal frameworks.

Kochanski & Partners, one of the leading Polish law firms, is featured in numerous prestigious rankings, such as the Legal500 and Chambers Fintech Legal 2021, and is also current holder of ‘The Lawyer law magazine’s  ‘law firm of the year – Central Europe’ award. The firm has one of Poland’s largest legal teams with in the area of new technologies and has a strong presence in international markets, where it coordinates multi-jurisdictional legal representation for clients by cooperating with local leaders of legal advisory services.

“We co-authored the Polish cloud computing implementation standard in the banking sector, the so-called Polish Cloud, as part of a task force appointed by the Polish Banks Association, with a view to provide the best framework for banks to migrate safely and securely to the cloud. Our team has extensive experience in providing legal services for end-to-end cloud migration projects, as well as for cloud implementations in specific areas. Thanks to the presence of IT security and procurement process specialists, we can support our customers in the roll out of cloud projects as early as from the procurement stage. And our counseling is not limited to legal matters, as we also focus on business issues, such as vendor pricing policies,” says Łukasz Węgrzyn, Partner and Head of Technology Practice at Kochanski & Partners.

Technological and legal security

International corporations are increasingly facing the need to adapt to quickly evolving local regulations, including those in the area of IT. Many companies require professional support in ensuring they achieve conformity with differing regulatory environments specific to selected sectors. In Poland, some firms are still hesitant to act, due to the perceived risks connected with cloud migration and failure to comply with complex legal requirements set by the Financial Supervision Authority. Thanks to the cooperation between Beyond.pl and Kochanski & Partners, local and international enterprises can obtain comprehensive support in terms of both technological and legal solutions.

“Companies planning to migrate to the cloud or maintain their infrastructure in a colocation environment, are aware of the critical nature of ensuring data security and business continuity, as well as conformng with the letter of the law. So far, we have supported our customers’ migration roadmaps primarily in terms of technology, recommending infrastructure maintenance models and implementing migrations to private or global clouds. Now, thanks to our cooperation with Kochanski & Partners, we can offer our customers a much wide services from access to specialists who ensure full conformity with legal regulations. Our customers now benefit from services delivered on the backbone of the most secure data center in Europe, as confirmed by the ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 certificate, legal support that ensures conformity with regulations, such as the GDPR, and the guarantee that all regulatory nuances related to technological projects are perfectly understood,” says Wojciech Stramski, CEO Beyond.pl.

International support

The companies will collaborate both in Poland and in the wider international market, supporting global enterprises seeking colocation within the most secure infrastructure in the EU, at Beyond.pl data centers in Poland. Kochanski & Partners will have responsibility for ensuring compliance with legal requirements in a specific member state, with Beyond.pl providing cutting edge infrastructural services as per the prescribed legal requirements.

“Last year has seen a sharp increase in demand for legal advice from international customers looking for data centre solutions, driven by changes in the European legal environment. One such challenge was the ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union on the Schrems II case. Another challenge is the legal consequences of Brexit, which is forcing companies operating in the UK to look for new locations in the EU that can ensure business continuity in this new reality. Thanks to Poland’s regulations, its membership in the EU, and its superior technological facilities, it has become one of the most desirable locations for customers looking to penetrate the EU. And this is not the end of regulatory changes that await companies in the near future. The incoming regulatory wave defined in the EU’s Digital Finance Package, including the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), presents further regulatory challenges to be met by enterprises operating in the financial sector, and refers to both customers and service providers,” says Łukasz Węgrzyn, Kochanski & Partners.

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